Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

While most people are planning a BBQ or special time with family and friends, I sit in the living room of my beautiful prison.   Oh how I long for my old life back! 

Funny how smug the banks are now.  The market crashed and we all went down.  They were rescued but the rif raf was left behind to drown.  I don't accept their insults. The big banks were headed for foreclosure too.  We should have turned our backs for sure.  "They"  said if the banks went down the market would crash.  Maybe "they" were wrong.  Maybe they could have let BOA and CHASE and all the big banks fail and pumped that TARP money into smaller local banks.  How about that?  A real America.  What is capitalism anyway?  If you fail you fail right?  So why did we rescue them, and not us? 

I wouldn't be so bitter if it wasn't for the TARP bailouts.  If the little banks were saved, there would be a nice healthy competition now.  Instead the monopolies wiped out all the little banks, all the George Bailys who actually had relationships with their customers, all the communities.

I even read one article that said people should just accept the inevitable, let their houses foreclose so that we can move all the dead weight and start fresh.  This was on one of the websites claiming to be there to help homeowners. 

Dead weight?  Where have I heard that before?  Hmm sounds vaguely like surplus population doesn't it? 

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