Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another day in Modification land

I open my eyes and its there.   Bank of America.

This looming mistake I made ......getting involved with you.  A selfish manipulative lover, who lures you in with promises of grandeur, gives you a period to relish in your good fortune then takes everything you ever had, or ever were.   How can one mistake so thoroughly change your life?  Will it end?  How will it end?  I suspect that at some point in the future this will be the past.  Where will I be?  Where will I live?  What will have happened?

I heard a horrible rumor that "they," and I don't know who they are, but they are blaming the market crash on the low down payment mortgages.  So "they" are talking about a solution of creating a requirement of a 50% down payment. 

Could this happen in America?  Land of the free and the brave?  So it will now be Pottersville?  None of our children will be able to afford homes.  We will all have to rent, and over time the rents will increase to as much as our crazy mortgages were, but the rich will be getting richer and the "so called" middle class will be something our grandchildren read about in history books?

These days I think about things like this a lot.  About how I could have taken different roads in life, and ended up somewhere else.  I am not a fatalist, but still I don't know where I could have ended up.  Maybe it would have been bad in a different way.   Maybe I was meant to fight this fight.  Maybe I will meet people along the way who will help me change the course of history, maybe I will just BE part of history, like the people who jumped from windows in 29.   I know I know, now they say that never happened.  Somehow I think it did, but maybe it just happened more quietly.

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