Friday, September 3, 2010

How I ended up here....

One fated day, one decision, OK one really bad decision, that's all it took to change my life forever. I won't go into the messy little details. I bought the farm. I bought a beautiful little "airy," the charming house on the hill, with stunning views of rolling pastures green. It had a barn and land, so I bought some horses. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done, I thought it was good...

5 years later,.... a tanked real estate market, no chance to sell for what my place was worth, I got on the Making Home Affordable train from hell, the big Making Home Affodable LIE!  Just send in some paperwork. It’s like a refi, but better. The government is helping the banks help the homeowners, so the market doesn't crash. It sounded too good to be true. I AM SAVED!

Well just in case you don't follow the news, let me tell you a little story about a home modification. Its a big fat AMERICAN lie!

You spend weeks then months gathering every tiny bit of information about yourself and your pathetic financial situation. You rush off to the post office or FedEx, to send it off asap, because you want to show what a good little borrower you are. You sign on all the dotted lines. Then you get the first of the silly little phone calls or letters stating that YOU did not comply. You missed something, you missed several things, you didn't sign every page of your tax return, you didn't dot the i in your name. You have to start all over now!

Oh my, I must have been in a rush, I thought I sent that. Oh dear BOA forgive me, I will rush off and spent yet another $20. on sending you some silly thing I already sent you and you threw in the garbage.

OK BOA you got me! It only took about a year for me to figure out that this was all a silly JOKE. How many permanant Modifications have you done BOA?

Oh sure I got a temporary Mod. Did I mention that I was currant on my mortgage? Did I mention that my taxes were paid up to date last August when I first applied?

Well guess what? They told me to pay the modified payment. Yes people they told me this IN WRITING. Then they immediately started reporting me to the credit agencies as late. Then there are the little late fees, interest charges and oh let’s not forget their legal fees!

So they tell me in writing that my new and shinny escrow account will pay my taxes. Then they start to pay my taxes. Woo hoo! What a happy little camper I am... OH didn't they mention that they would be reporting those payments as unpaid to the credit agencies too? OOOPS forgot about that.

Long story short, I am going into foreclosure soon. I was told I should look forward to my ACT 91 (letter telling you to start packing,) and all this time, I HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT.

So I ask the obvious. What will it take for me to GET OUT OF THIS FABULOUS MODIFICATION?

About 10 grand! And better come up with it fast as that letter is on the way.

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